The Road To Hell

In which I pave my way with good intentions.

I’m a bit new to this professional blogging thing, and am cognizant of the importance of keeping it up, should I wish it to be anything useful in my writing career. And so, I find myself considering a schedule of sorts, something to force me to use this space as regularly as is feasible. Thus, my intentions are to put up at least one post a week, and hopefully more.

The tentative schedule:

Monday: Microfiction Monday, in which I post very short writing bits. Appetizers if you will.

Wednesday: Writing Wednesday, as I muse about the craft, habits, struggles, and writers I admire.

Saturday/Sunday: Sloshed Saturday (or Sunday), in which I post about whatever’s on my mind; movies, music, tv, etc that relates to my own projects, or crosses my mind as I may or may not be fully sober.

The goal is to hit one of these a week, at least. On a good week I might even get all three.

Writers, however, are notorious liars, and when you combine that with other creative pursuits, well, any and all claims I make to being responsible and dependable ought to be looked at askance and taken with perhaps several grains of salt.



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