Sloshed Saturday on a Monday/Tuesday

Right then.

Bla bla, got married, bla bla, honeymoon, bla bla, holidays, bla bla working full time and taking college classes.

The short and long is that I got sidetracked, and busy, and of course neglected writing.

Here’s my advice for this week: Don’t neglect your writing. It makes you cranky and gets you nowhere except into the land of self loathing and irritability with your friends, family, and coworkers, and may also lead to forgetting the oxford comma, which is a sin.

On the other hand, Yule was rather nice, and I’ve been stuffed with food and alcohol for several days, and intend to continue in this tradition until after New Year’s because doing anything healthy during the holiday season is setting yourself up for failure.

At this juncture I’m looking into entering a writing contest, and getting back to a better schedule with my writing.

How was everyone else’s holidays?