Neglectful and irresponsible

Indeed, I have been both of those things. Always allowing life to get in the way.

Perhaps setting reminders might be something to look into.

At any rate, time to blow the dust off and see about getting back to work.


Swimming Upstream

Some cliches are cliches for a reason.

I reflect on this occasionally as I write, as one should be aware of cliches and avoid them, but at other times I can’t help noticing that they occasionally ring true.

Of late I’ve been acutely aware of the cliche of the tortured artist.

How often is the old story trotted out, of the writer or painter or what have you that is a troubled soul, mired in depression, eventually succumbing to suicide or romantically wasting away from a fashionable disease?

Yeah, that one.

The thing is, how many writers rather famously suffered from, specifically, depression?

It’s a bit galling to find yourself playing out the cliche, but such is life.

Annoyingly, depression seems common amongst our ilk, and it rather rudely often has no “reason” for its intrusion. Life is good, life is great, everything is falling into a nice rhythm, there’s plans in the works, places to go, people to see, parties to attend and I just don’t want to get out of bed this week.

Having been on this particular ride all too often, I’ve learned to recognize and deal with the signs when I start circling the drain, and have been, as I told a friend, trying to “swim upstream.”

It’s not easy. It’s an active process of making myself go out, get moving, get up, eat, be social, and in general forcing myself to do something other than what I’m inclined to do–lay on the couch drinking and letting myself go with the flow on down the spiral.

Fortunately I’m blessed with a spouse who doesn’t take my morose nature personally, and friends who are greatly supportive in my efforts to stymie the slide.

Counting my blessings isn’t a thing that always helps, but it doesn’t hurt either.


Sloshed Saturday on a Monday/Tuesday

Right then.

Bla bla, got married, bla bla, honeymoon, bla bla, holidays, bla bla working full time and taking college classes.

The short and long is that I got sidetracked, and busy, and of course neglected writing.

Here’s my advice for this week: Don’t neglect your writing. It makes you cranky and gets you nowhere except into the land of self loathing and irritability with your friends, family, and coworkers, and may also lead to forgetting the oxford comma, which is a sin.

On the other hand, Yule was rather nice, and I’ve been stuffed with food and alcohol for several days, and intend to continue in this tradition until after New Year’s because doing anything healthy during the holiday season is setting yourself up for failure.

At this juncture I’m looking into entering a writing contest, and getting back to a better schedule with my writing.

How was everyone else’s holidays?